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Spadamco Holdings

Management Team

Group Chairman - Mr. Samir Qubrosi
Mr. Qubrosi is the founder and Group Chairman of Spadamco Holdings Limited and a well-respected businessman and entrepreneur in his own right.

After completing his education in the UK, Samir moved to Qatar establishing several businesses in the Oil and Gas related industries before transferring operations to Dubai in 1988 and forming Applied Corrosion Technology (ACT).

As his network of links and alliances grew so did his local and regional interests and so he formed Spadamco Holdings to better manage the group’s internal affairs & long-term strategy and also provide the companies with dedicated operational support and assistance whenever required.

Our Management Team
Spadamco employs a team of experienced professionals to support the group’s activities and ensure that strategies for the future wellbeing and expansion of the group are developed and implemented efficiently & cost-effectively:

Managing Director – Mr. Nicolas Rubeiz
Directing the management group is Nicolas who joined Spadamco back in 2007 and brings with him a wealth of senior operational and management experience gathered from a wide variety of industries including retail and franchise management around the Middle East region and Canada.  

Operations Manager - Mr. Shahzad Ali
After having extensive experience in the field of IT and MIS, with strong business acumen, Shahzad has excelled as an Operations Manager for the group. He has 17 years of experience with multinational companies; especially with Retail & Wholesale industry by working with 4 leading enterprises in the region and over 25 international brands. He is continuously evolving the business in its operations of Franchise & Brand Management, MIS, Logistics, Supply Chain, HR and IT through strong analytical and
developmental skills.

Group Finance Manager – Mr. Hiram Aziz
After eight years in the Lebanon, Nigeria and UAE, Hiram joined the group as the GFA, gained extensive understandings of the retail, F&B and services fields before joining Spadamco Holdings as the Group Finance Manager.

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